LeTags Version 1.3 Release Notes

A minor release. The referly links ended up failing because referly didn’t get the traction they hoped and appear to be mid-pivot. This update removes those links and restores the previous set. I also swapped out the full-name quicklinks for square icons so that there is room for Reddit and Pinterest which are common destinations without forcing the reduced ads search box down. I also reduced the size of the box per bookmark to allow for only two rows of tags to be visible. It seems to be big enough as a click target for editing but allows bookmarks on a single screen which I hope will be more useful. It also turned out that I could reduce the header height and free up a bit more space for bookmarks on-screen.

Additional Chrome Note: The chrome team has added a link to your apps as the first link in the bookmarks bar now. I hope that will ease some of the pain for users who missed having their apps show on the newtab page. (Until I can get around to adding them in some convenient way individually.)

2 thoughts on “LeTags Version 1.3 Release Notes”

  1. Hi,

    First of all thanks for developing this. Great help and nothing great exists out there.

    Would be glad to help in any manner to help build this.

    Need your help….. some of the pages just refuse to get tagged … cant seem to figure out what is happening…. was trying to tag the following page…


    1. Hi Ravi,

      Sorry that the extension is refusing to save your tags. There have been times when the next index for the bookmark id fails to load properly and the tags then don’t attach to a new bookmark. In that case what I’ve had to do is add tags to the bookmark from the list of bookmarks rather than when the bookmark is first created. I hope that helps! Sorry about the inconvenience.

      I’ve been wondering whether I should work on this at all or if the new bookmarking functionality from Google will be good enough. What do you think?


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