Le Tags Version 1.2 Release Notes

Google updated the manifest file requirements for extensions so I made minor changes required to follow the new standard as well as any code tweaks required. Also, the quick links at the top of the new tab page were updated to referly links. It gives me an easy way to see if anyone is actually bothering to use those links since it will count up the number of clicks across all users. Additionally, in the case of Amazon, I might actually get a few pennies once in a while to encourage me on my way!

Getting re-engaged with the extension has been fun and I’m looking forward to improving it going forward!


2 thoughts on “Le Tags Version 1.2 Release Notes”

  1. Hallo author, IMO it would be much better add-on if there is shortcut for it. You know like default shortcut for bookmarking a page is ctrl+s, if there’s shortcut for using this extension that will be much delightful.

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