Le Tags Version 1.1 Release Notes

This release has several updates affecting the Le Tags main bookmark management screen.

Release 1.1 is Taking Off into the Wild!

– Any selected tag or bookmark to filter the display now stays highlighted so that you can see which group you chose when viewing the list.

– Hovering over the name of a bookmark used to show two buttons that said “edit” and “delete” over a dark blue background. Those buttons and the background have been removed in favor of small icons for edit and delete so that less of the name is covered and it is cleaner in general.

– Some people have A LOT of folders and tags in their system. In order to free up screen space, there is now a small green icon next to the lists of tags and folders so that you can choose to hide either list in the view. Clicking on the icon again will re-display each list.

– Version information has been added in the tab title and footer so you can see if you are up to date or not.

– The previous footer was a single link to the Le Tags site. It now is divided up so that it links to the main Le Tags site, the FAQ section, and the about page which includes a contact form to reach me.

– When opening the tags popup for a bookmark the cursor wasn’t starting out in the field to enter tags. It required a click in order to start typing. (Actually, it started out there and then quickly jumped out on display…) This was a quirk with animations using the jQueryUI library and was fixed with the update that was just released. (jQueryUI 1.8.16 if you are curious) This was a particularly annoying issue for me so glad to cross if off my list!

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