Where do I manage my tags after adding a bookmark?

The “New Tab” page will display all of your bookmarks and tags allowing you to edit and delete them.

How do I add tags when I add a bookmark?

Instead of clicking on the star in Chrome to create a bookmark, click on the little icon that looks like tags. You can add the bookmark and tags at the same time.

Will this mess up my existing bookmarks or syncing or anything?

Nope! The extension is built to just add on to the core Chrome bookmark system without modifying it. This way chrome features like syncing, etc. are not impacted by using tags on your machine.

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  1. Thanks for this, it looks very nice. Is there a shortcut voor accessing Le Tags? I try to avoid clicking as much as possible…

    1. Hi Russ, I don’t have any keyboard shortcuts built for it yet. Were you looking for a shortcut to the management screen or to trigger the “add tag” function from the toolbar when viewing a page?

        1. Unfortunately I don’t have a keyboard shortcut built for it yet. I’m working on my list of what to put in there next. Will definitely see if I can make a keyboard shortcut work!

    1. Unfortunately it doesn’t yet. So far I’m just working on the client extension that sits on chrome. In order to sync across machines I’ll need to create a server to store the data and then send to new machines. I would like to do that so that I can also sync into mobile phones and tablets but it will be some time before I can build it. Hope you will give it a shot anyway and let me know what you think! Thanks!

      1. This is one the greatest plugin for Chrome, IMHO. I’ve been using for ages TagSieve in FireFox and that was THE most logical way for me to organize my bookmarks (which are many:)

        So keep up the great work!

        If you need to test something out, you can count on me.

  2. Is there a way to not have all my bookmarks and folder and tags on display every time I open a new tab? Looks terribly messy. Cant I get a clean new tab with my most visited websites, just like Chrome used to do before I got this plug in?

    1. It does look pretty messy. I’d really like to find a good way to clean up the display. Chrome doesn’t allow access to the most visited sites so I can’t replicate that unless they update their API. I was thinking of adding a “Most Recently Added” tag by default for the 10 most recent bookmarks. Would that be useful?

  3. Also, is there a way to import links from your app into Mozilla or into Chrome?
    Im guessing you cant import it into Chrome because links will lose all their tags, right?
    But then I should be able to import it into Mozilla without losing data, yes?

    1. Building an import/export feature is something I would really like to do. Particularly because that would be the backbone of a future webservice to allow syncing among computers and (hopefully) Android and iPhone. It will probably be a bit down the line though. I’ve got some basic usage issues that need work first!

  4. Also, tag-prompts will be very helpful. For example, while tagging a bookmark under ‘technology’ it will be very helpful if by the time i write ‘te…’, I get a prompt in the way of a drop down menu with the tags ‘technology’, ‘technology contacts’ ‘technology-to read’ etc. FF has it.

    1. This is on the list for my next round of updates. Right now you should get tips like that in the new tab screen but I need to add it to the pop-up when you are adding a new bookmark. Adding it is going to rely on some under-the-hood types of changes that should allow me to build more cool stuff for it easily. Unfortunately the under-the-hood stuff isn’t very visible when it rolls out so doesn’t look like much!

  5. Lastly, whenever it is that you may consider putting in these suggestions, how will we users know? I have never got an alert saying “Your application has updates to be downloaded” so how does it happen?

    1. The way Chrome works is it sneakily updates the extensions in the background when it is running so it doesn’t even mention it. I’ve thought about putting a little box on the page somewhere to be able to communicate messages when updates happen, etc. Originally I didn’t because I didn’t want to irritate people by distracting them from whatever it is they are working on with their bookmarks. It might be worth it though. Another way to know is that when the next release comes out, you’ll see the version number change from 1.1 to 1.2 in the tab at the top and also in the footer.

  6. Hi, great extension, thank you. My wishlist (some of which has no doubt been suggested or considered already):

    1. Keyboard shortcut to manage tags/bookmarks

    2. Keyboard shortcut to add tag/bookmark to current page

    3. Option, when adding bookmarks, to not show all tags, but have tag ‘autocomplete’ so user can start typing name of tag, and after 3 or 4 characters the tag will be recognised and displayed and user will press enter to select.

    4. After implementation of 1.), provide option to NOT show ‘Le Tags’ management page when opening a new tab, and instead leave as default chrome new tab page (or other extension such as empty tab).

    5. Online backup and syncing

    6. Import/export facility

    7. When User creates a new bookmark with Le Tags, cursor should start inside the ‘Bookmark name’ field so User does not need to manually mouse to that position, and can use the Tab key to move to other fields and should be able to use ‘Enter’ to complete.

    1. Hi Störm, thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback. I’m working right now on the next release and will definitely consider all of your suggestions. I’m running into some quirky stuff with the way extensions interact with browser tabs and the add window but working through it!

      The import/export won’t make into the next release but hopefully soon… I haven’t finalized the keyboard shortcuts yet but am looking for a good way to make it work. One of the challenges I’m running into is that there are often other keyboard shortcuts running on a system and it is hard to tell what is clear for me to use. Watch for it soon though! I hope to release this next update this month but it may slide into January depending on how swamped I get with paid work…



  7. Hi Korak,
    How can I _view_ the description I left at the time I made the bookmark?! I’ve tried mouse hover over bookmark, the new tab page, the Edit option, and the Edit option on the new tab page, and I just cannot figure it out!!!


    1. Hi Reza, I’m a little confused by your question, I apologize… when you create the bookmark, each tag should convert to having a blue oval around it when you push space or return in the tags field. Did it do that for each word you applied?

  8. I should have noted that I’m running Chrome as follows on my Ubuntu Lucid box:
    google-chrome –user-data-dir=/home/reza/.chrome-reza –disk-cache-dir=/home/reza/tmp/chrome-reza-cache –disk-cache-size=1000000000

  9. Hi Korak,
    Thanks a lot for both the reply and the extension.
    Yes, it works exactly as you say 🙂 I was just pressing the ‘Save Bookmark’ button and it wasn’t working like that.


  10. Great idea for an extension for a sorely missing feature.

    I just added it to Chrome 17.0.963.38 beta, and added several tags to existing bookmarks. I can’t pull up any bookmarked pages when typing in a tag I used. I’ve restarted as well.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

    1. Hi, typing the tags into the omni box hasn’t been built yet. I’m afraid it still a pretty manual process of clicking through the bookmark management screen (newtab) on the tags you want and then the title of the bookmark. Would be cool to build out the omnibox though…

  11. Hi, thx for your work on this, very necessary and well done. One question: can I somehow changes the links that appear on the of new page – FB, linkedin etc?

    1. Right now they are just stuck like they are. I’ve got some thoughts on them for the future. I’d like to make them editable in an options page at some point or at the very least shrink the names down to smaller icons for immediately recognizable brands to ensure that they don’t push the search box onto a new line. What would be really cool is if they were geo-targeted based on where the user was. People in Europe get the most commonly used options for their area, India for their market, US, etc. Still a work in progress I’m afraid. Thank you for bringing it up… it will help encourage me to prioritize it as a feature!

    1. Hi Frank,

      The easiest way to do is just to hit “ctrl + f” on the new tab page and search in the native chrome box. It will search both link titles and tags that way.


  12. When I Right-Click on the Le Tags icon, Options is greyed out. Are there options I should be able to access?


    1. Hello. Sorry, there aren’t any options for customization yet. I’d be interested in hearing which options you would like to have if you have time to share your thoughts!

  13. Love it! Except maybe the design of the bookmark manager, do you think you can do list instead of this big boxes?

    1. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I originally went with the big boxes to show the tags on each bookmark but I’ve since been regretting that choice. I’m wondering if maybe just using titles and mouse-over displays of tags would be better…

    1. Hello, no problem. I’m sure your English is better than my, umm… whatever you native language is! To search all tags, if you have all displayed you can use ctrl f to search the page for matches of bookmark titles or tags. I hope that answers your question. If not, please let me know and I can try again.

  14. Is it possible to import/export tagged bookmarks to/from firefox(json)?
    That feature would make this add-on a must!


    1. Hi, I don’t have an import/export feature yet. I’d really like to get around to adding it one of these days!

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